Speak & XXXX bends:

This page has descriptions and demos of all the currently available Speak&Spell / Speak&maths mods. Use the menu above to select the different bends.

Click the demo button on each page for a short mp3 of what each bend sounds like.

Bear in mind that other bends may also be activated on each demo i.e. the loop switches may be on for the pitch demo etc.

Actual control placement, colour and style will vary according to specific model


There are some general Speak & XXXX demos below:

Speak&Spell with circuit board No.11. This one is very, very angry.
Speak&Spell with circuit board No.4
Speak&Maths, this is unbelievable. Don't know how it happened but it's straight to DAT with no editing. Instant Trance!
Speak&Maths, Sounds smoother than a  Speak&Spell with more complex loops & glitches.
Ambient texture created live with a Speak&Spell + Speak&Maths talking to each other.
A selection of bizarre sounds and loops from a bent Speak&Maths machine.
Speak&Read loop switches & sounds. More complex than  S&S or S&M loops