Rotary Switch Breakout Boards: 5 for £4

totary switch breakout boards

These type of rotary switches tend to feel more professional than some of the cheaper full size rotary switches similar to those made by Alpha or Lorlin, and they are certainly take up less space with a much smaller depth required behind the panel. The only problems are they they only come in one pole versions (up to 9 positions), you have to buy a switch with the correct number of positions as they can't be changed with a special stopper ring like on the full size switches, and most annoyingly it can be very difficult to solder directly to the pins without either stressing them unnecessarily or accidentally creating shorts. They are designed to be soldered directly into PCB's, so inevitably soldering a mass of wires to the pins is going to be awkward.

As we needed to use a lot of these switches for a project we were working on and they needed to be panel mounted without a PCB behind the panel to solder them into, we designed this small breakout board that you solder the switch into allowing you to access the pins on proper solder pads. You could even mount header pins in the pads so you could connect to them with some kind of wiring loom or dupont cables, or mount the switch on a breadboard without the switches snap in tabs getting in the way.

We're selling these in strips of 5 breakout boards for £4. At the moment we have no plans to sell them individually as we have no real desire to be dealing with hundreds of individual transactions for £1 or less!

As these are sold in lots of 5, if you buy two lots you'll receive 10 boards etc. Payments are processed via Paypal, but you can pay using a credit or debit card without having a Paypal account. If you want to pay using some other method, please get in touch via the CONTACT page.