If you're even reading this then we would imagine that you must know already what a Sherman Filterbank is, but if not you can read find loads of videos on youtube, or download the manual from the Sherman site HERE.

As with all Sherman Filterbanks it exhibits some fairly baffling behavior, but if you've used a few of these units you soon learn that baffling behavior is pretty much what its all about. Once you get your head around it you can coax some astonishing filter effects and speaker eating distortions out of this thing, but its really not for the complete beginner.

It comes with the original EU power supply, but we can throw in an adapter if you're in the UK. It also includes the original manual, rack ears, a set of big Sherman stickers, the original box, and for some reason multiple copies of some kind of fliterbank brochure.

If you want to buy this unit get in contact HERE.