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Title: MMT8 OS changes
Post by: gmeredith on February 07, 2011, 02:33:26 AM
What things can be done to tweak the OS of an MMT8 sequencer? I see a few things happening here with the HR16 and wondered if it was similar and so could be edited easily. I'm talking about anything extremely basic like change the startup screen to something of your own, all the way to as advanced as adding or changing features.

One thing I've always wanted in the MMT8 is to be able to change it such that it starts up with the MIDI ECHO function ON instead of off, so I don't have to remember to switch it to on when using a keyboard controller to access the sound modules in the chain from the MMT8. Is this possible, looking at the OS (attached) with a hex editor? Please note that I've uploaded it as a .txt file - change it to a .bin extension if you view it with a hex editor.

**GORDON: I see you've fiddled somewhat with the HR16 firmware in another thread. Is it much different in its sequencer part of its firmware construction to the MMT8 (bearing in mind of course that the MMT8 is only a sequencer while the HR16 is a drum machine and the OS handles sound ROM management, I understand that)?

Cheers, Graham
Title: Re: MMT8 OS changes
Post by: Gordonjcp on February 07, 2011, 09:54:51 AM
The MMT8 ROM is a lot smaller and it doesn't have the reversed-byte scrambling (presumably because the board was easier to lay out).  I don't know how to edit its parameters, because I haven't dug into it very far.  The startup message should be clearly visible in the ROM image, and there's no checksum to trip you up.