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Title: getting started with delptronics bender
Post by: insearchof on August 11, 2019, 02:00:07 PM
Hi there!

I am a complete noob with circuit bending! I bought the bender by delptronics as a starting point to use with some cheap analog synths. I found it can be easily used with the gakken mark 2, which I own and would like to sequence. so for getting started should I go for something like this;
and cut/strip the other ends, would that work?

I contacted mickey delp regarding bending a monotron duo and or delay and he mentioned how they work the same way as the original monotron which is already covered on his site. has anyone done a mod for connecting a duo or delay to the bender or knows instructions for trying this? how would a mod with delay or duo differ to the original monotron? I also asked about trying to mod a stylophone gen x-1 to work with bender and he mentioned how the schematics can't be found online but people have bent them? does anyone have any experience with the gen x-1? and are these easy mods to do for a complete beginner?
I currently own the gakken mk2 and a monotron delay but am considering purchasing another type of monotron and/or the gen x-1 depending on the difficulty level of the mod.