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 on: September 06, 2018, 07:05:39 PM 
Started by kebab - Last post by kebab
hi guys this is my first post here! maybe someone can help me
some days ago i try to bend a videonics video equalizer,but i think i've touched some wrong,now the image have permanent glitch,don't return to the original clear
have you any suggestions to check the equalizer??
some diods or i dont know,what i check first??

 on: August 26, 2018, 02:40:24 AM 
Started by phantompowers - Last post by Steve DrGwon
Hello everyone!! i know its a veeeeeery old topic,, but maybe this help someone than (like Me) is looking for info about bending casio SA series,and find this topic….
 I think the picture at starting of the topic its in a certain way wrong…
  For what i see all the pin conexions at the OKI chip are inverted… UP is DOWN and DOWN is UP.
im not shure about the OpAmp chip,,, havent have the oportunity to check it.

Am I Wrong?? Did i miss something??

PD: please forgiveme for my English, im try me best but it is not my language ::) ::)

 on: August 24, 2018, 09:27:35 PM 
Started by vekter303 - Last post by vekter303

Im new to DIY and pretty clueless, can anyone offer feedback on this BOM?

Mouser No   Mfr. No   Manufacturer   Customer No   Description

523-ACJM-MHS   ACJM-MHS   Amphenol      Phone Connectors 1/4"jack Plstc hous W/Metal inserT
502-PC722A   PC722A   Switchcraft      DC Power Connectors 2.1MM POWER JACK
571-1-2199298-8   1-2199298-8   TE Connectivity      IC & Component Sockets 24P DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
571-1-2199298-4   1-2199298-4   TE Connectivity      IC & Component Sockets 16P DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
571-1-2199298-3   1-2199298-3   TE Connectivity      IC & Component Sockets 14P DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
571-1-2199298-2   1-2199298-2   TE Connectivity      IC & Component Sockets 8P DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
647-UKW1H101MPD   UKW1H101MPD   Nichicon      Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded 50volts 100uF 20%
80-SMR5473J50J0116   SMR5473J50J01L16.5CBULK   KEMET      Film Capacitors 0.047uF 50V 5%
80-SMR5103J50J0116   SMR5103J50J01L16.5CBULK   KEMET      Film Capacitors 0.01uF 50V 5%
80-SMR5104J50J0116   SMR5104J50J01L16.5CBULK   KEMET      Film Capacitors 0.1uF 50V 5%
31VF505-F   RV24AF-10-20K-B500K-LA   Alpha (Taiwan)      Potentiometers Linear Knurled 500K
31VF501-F   RV24AF-10-20K-B100K-LA   Alpha (Taiwan)      Potentiometers Linear Knurled 100K
31VF601-F   RV24AF-10-20K-B1M-LA   Alpha (Taiwan)      Potentiometers Linear Knurled 1MEG
78-TLHB4400   TLHB4400   Vishay      Standard LEDs - Through Hole Blue Tinted Diffused
595-CD74HC4060E   CD74HC4060E   Texas Instruments      Counter ICs 14 Stage Binary
595-CD74HC4066E   CD74HC4066E   Texas Instruments      Analogue Switch ICs Quad
512-LM358N   LM358N   ON Semiconductor      Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Dual Operational Amp
926-LM78L05ACZ/NOPB   LM78L05ACZ/NOPB   Texas Instruments      Linear Voltage Regulators 3-Terminal Pos Reg
595-UA78L09ACLP   UA78L09ACLP   Texas Instruments      Linear Voltage Regulators 9.0V 100mA.
926-LM78L12ACZ/NOPB   LM78L12ACZ/NOPB   Texas Instruments      Linear Voltage Regulators 3-Terminal Pos Reg
512-BC548BU   BC548BU   ON Semiconductor      Bipolar Transistors - BJT NPN Si Transistor Epitaxial
647-UKT1H471MHD   UKT1H471MHD   Nichicon      Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded 50volts 470uF 20%
647-ULD1H100MDD1TD   ULD1H100MDD1TD   Nichicon      Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded 50V 10UF 20%
647-ULD1H010MDD1TD   ULD1H010MDD1TD   Nichicon      Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded 50V 1UF 20%
810-FA22C0G2A10400   FA22C0G2A104JNU00   TDK      Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - Leaded 100V 0.1uF C0G 5% RAD LS:5mm AEC-Q200
810-CK45-B3AD331NNA   CK45-B3AD331KYNNA   TDK      Ceramic Disc Capacitors D: 5.5mm 1kV 330pF B 10% LS:5mm
810-CK45-B3AD101KYGA   CK45-B3AD101KYGNA   TDK      Ceramic Disc Capacitors D: 5.5mm 1kV 100pF B 10% LS:5mm
810-CC45SL3AD100JYNA   CC45SL3AD100JYNNA   TDK      Ceramic Disc Capacitors D: 5.5mm 1kV 10pF SL 5% LS:5mm
603-CFR-25JR-52100K   CFR-25JR-52-100K   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 100K ohm 1/4W 5%
603-CFR-25JR-5247K   CFR-25JR-52-47K   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 47K ohm 1/4W 5%
660-CFS1/4CVTR223J   CFS1/4CVTR223J   KOA Speer      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 1/4W 22K 5%
603-CFR-25JB-52-15K   CFR-25JB-52-15K   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 1/4W 15K Ohm 5%
603-CFR-25JR-5210K   CFR-25JR-52-10K   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 10K ohm 1/4W 5%
603-CFR-25JR-525K6   CFR-25JR-52-5K6   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 5.6K ohm 1/4W 5%
603-CFR-25JT-52-1K5   CFR-25JT-52-1K5   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 1.5Kohm 5% 1/4W Carbon Film
603-CFR-25JR-52-4R7   CFR-25JR-52-4R7   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 4.7ohm 1/4W 5%
603-CFR-25JR-52-1K1   CFR-25JR-52-1K1   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 1.1K ohm 5% 1/4W Carbon Film
512-1N914   1N914   ON Semiconductor      Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching 100V 4.0ns Diode Single Junction
863-1N4001RLG   1N4001RLG   ON Semiconductor      Rectifiers 50V 1A Standard

 on: August 21, 2018, 05:20:59 AM 
Started by BonkknoB - Last post by BonkknoB
I'm calling it the Bananefeuer osx.

This is a first act electronic drum toy instrument I picked up for 2$ at goodwill. Being my first completed project, I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I found several points that essentially did the same thing and gave me a 1 to x bend, as well as a distortion connection, and while having a blast  using alligator clip jumpers to test all of these points, I just decided it was begging for a patch bay, but I'm too broke and impatient to order all of the banana cables and jacks, so, while picturing a pile of flaming bananas, i got myself bolts and nuts and washers and automotive wire and set this thing up for touch/ clip jumpers, with two resistors, a 5k pot, a capacitor, and a transistor having their own designated bolts. I also put in a battery disconnect switch because the thing goes into periodic fits of turning itself on, refusing to be off. I obstructed one button, which no longer works, and I drilled too many holes... so... not the best thought out, but I love this thing. It does crazy oscillations and space noises, I've had it go into crazy stuttery randomness seizures...

Aside from the distortion, I couldn't find any points that altered the clock, or the drum sounds, or the demo sounds, or the recording/loop function... that being said, the oscillations it produces can kind of... filter all the other sound coming from this thing...

In the first place, this thing had an audio input jack, which was cool, and now, I've had some limited success using it as an fx pedal, and more success jamming with music played through the input.

Anyway, I wanted to share, because I'm really really stoked on how this turned out, and on circuit bending in general. I don't know that I could have picked a better instrument to start with, despite dealing with smd points and not finding any of the bends I had hoped for or half-expected. Heres hoping for some measure of longevity out of this thing, but I know what I've done is probably killing that chip.

I'm going to try and get a demo video up as soon as I can.

 on: August 18, 2018, 06:57:37 PM 
Started by Barcode - Last post by tigerstyleee
Anyone willing to sell their build or to make a new one for money? Thanks!

 on: August 18, 2018, 06:57:13 PM 
Started by Circuitbenders - Last post by tigerstyleee
Anyone willing to sell their build or to make a new one for money? Thanks!

 on: August 14, 2018, 05:02:18 AM 
Started by lostchocolatelab - Last post by lostchocolatelab
Sadly, this mod didn't hold for long. It created a cool pitch-bending effect when the knob was turned, but didn't modulate or stretch much as-is. Further explorations with the pins suggested didn't bear any good fruits and then the 1799 stopped working. I dropped another in and it worked awhile longer...but went dead as well. (I'm not super-electric not sure where the fail is...but that is the danger/ excitement, right?)

Things went much better on a couple of Ibanez DM1100's where I externalized the clock-speed trim and wired a stereo pair of them up to a couple of expression pedals.

The madness ensues on track 5 off my forthcoming album Lost Landscapes:

The rest of the album comes out at the end of the month:

Some serious guitar noise and pedalboard effect trickery on this!

More bending and circuit pics here:

Keep making tha noize!

 on: July 29, 2018, 10:50:17 AM 
Started by falconfx - Last post by falconfx
Hi all,  :)
I have just acquired a Casio VL-10 pocket keyboard. I was reading online, that because of the main chip's similarity to the VL-1, it might be possible to modify it to have the ADSR synth feature. I was wondering, has anyone tried it? Is it even possible, and if, do you have any ideas of how?
Thanks for answering!  ;D

 on: July 24, 2018, 03:18:53 PM 
Started by swiftyfrisko - Last post by swiftyfrisko
Got something working in the end.

In case it might be useful to anyone else trying to automate similar bends via MIDI, here's what I found: 4066's can't be used for ROM bend switching on any of the six machines I tried it on. There's a resistance of >200 ohms even when the switch is on. Vishay's equivalent switch is better, at around 50 ohms, but still doesn't work. MAX 313 switches are around 10 ohms "on" resistance, the lowest I could find, which seems to work in 95% of cases. They're are around £10 each, but that's all I could find in through hole format.

This is what I wound up with: a MIDIMUSO DCO3 chip which produces up to 11 5v gates from MIDI note on/note off info (as does their CV12 chip). This then drives two MAX quad switches, giving eight switches to patch in total. Very simple but does the job.

Don't buy MAX 312s by mistake like I did, they're normally closed, hence the otherwise unnecessary inverters on the board.

Here it is installed in a bent Korg 03/rw:

 on: July 23, 2018, 04:52:16 AM 
Started by lysdexic - Last post by lysdexic
Hey all,

I've been bending drum machines for a bit now, usually just sample mine into a DAW.

By habit I throw on a digital DC offset removal plugin whenever I'm doing anything with CB gear for safety.

If you were going to do this in the analogue domain, seems like a simple High Pass Filter circuit to chop off the 0hz should fix it right?

Anyone add these to their bends for safety? Plugging in this shit into expensive PAs without DC blocking has surely blown up some rigs surely..

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