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Author Topic: Forum up and running  (Read 8644 times)


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Forum up and running
« on: October 10, 2005, 05:05:38 PM »

As you may have noticed from the fact that you are reading this, the Circuitbenders forum is up and running. Hurrah! we hear you cry 'How did we ever live without it?' As ever we think that everythings working properly but what with having to keep up this constant red hot maximum full tilt pace at all times it can be easy to miss things so if you find anything that seems to not work quite right let us know in the 'Suggestions and Comments' section and earn our undying gratitude.

The only rule of this forum is that any discussions as to whether circuitbending is or isn't an 'art' and whether people should profit from it, will earn their authors a sound trashing and public humiliation, you have been warned. Everyone has been through that one enough times on the Yahoo group ::)
i am not paid to listen to this drivel, you are a terminal fool