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Author Topic: New Circuit Bent Tracks to share  (Read 1861 times)


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New Circuit Bent Tracks to share
« on: June 13, 2013, 02:55:14 PM »



Hi all here's a couple of new tracks featuring circuit bent stuff that I've just put on sound cloud.

Pt 3 is a circuit bent wall of noise which sorta resolves itself into a K4r drone, pt 2 a bit more boppy.

Comments etc welcome.

Thanks for listening.


Of the top of my head the circuit bent struff used was Casio Sk1, Vtech apple and phone, and a pound shop chinese keyboard thingy witn no name that I added a 555 timer to, plus some home made CMOS square wave oscillatrors...

Also nothing to do with me but I came across this below on soundcloud- a circuit bent online radio show which could be of interest to folks here...

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