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Author Topic: Data Line Cutting?  (Read 9694 times)


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Re: Data Line Cutting?
« Reply #15 on: January 03, 2010, 02:24:01 AM »

It does now; some bloody annoying Chinese search engine kicked the shit out of my webserver at some point in the last day or so.  Time to start returning links to pro-Falun Gong and Tianmen Square memorial sites, I think.

LOL... bloody communism! Ugh! :P
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Re: Data Line Cutting?
« Reply #16 on: April 03, 2015, 06:40:55 PM »

I know that the Yamaha PSR-36 sounds good on it's own, I wonder what it would sounds like if the data line cut was done to it. It would most likely be too good to hear :)
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