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Author Topic: MT-65  (Read 2154 times)


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« on: October 30, 2006, 12:00:18 PM »

I was lucky to find one of these at a carboot sale at the weekend for a fiver.  It is good condition except the tone select switch and both modulation switches no longer latch (so to alter the tone you have to keep hold of it with your finger).

I wondered if anyone knew if these were any good to bend?  I know that these keyboards go for silly money on eBay, but since it does need a little attention that may or may not be remedied, I thought it may be a good specimen to play with.

I am however quite fond of the sound of this one and donít really want to fry it unless it really does something spectacular.  I just wondered if anyone had got anything decent from a MT-65 before.

I have another Casio a Ė CT-something or rather.  It has exactly the same Chords and arpeggios, same tones (or some of them), and I think same accompaniment.  I have opened it up previously and there a few trimmers and things that can be mucked about with.  Itís probably best that I play around with this one first as these can be picked up for 99p on eBay as opposed to the MT-65 which like the last one I watched went for £88