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Author Topic: boss dd-3 delay time "glide"  (Read 2541 times)


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boss dd-3 delay time "glide"
« on: March 03, 2015, 02:40:12 PM »

just wanted to present one of my mods, i am normally using a sochor tape delay with added pwm motor speed control to change the delay time in a wide range, this also results in some nice effects on percussive elements while the motor is slowing down or speeding up.

since i changed the tapeloop the sound is not as responsive as i wanted, so i added this kind of glide effect to a boss delay pedal.

it is the sought after "big chip" type, shoot me ;) the added circuit just consists of a dual opamp, a resistor, a pot and a capacitor, if anyone is interested i can dig out how i exactly did it, basically delay time is defined by 0-5VDC, this voltage is taken from the delay time pot and fed into a portamento circuit, then goes back into the pedal circuitry.

"erase" is just a shortcircuit in the ccw and center lug of feedback, it enables to erase the delayed signal fully or just parts of it, depending on how long you push the button. "input kill" just takes away the input, since for the momentary effect it is not useful to still hear the input.

at the moment i put a 100uF cap for the portamento circuit, it takes a very long time to reach the target delay time, the resulting sound reminds me of shepard scales, possibly it is the same principle i stumbled upon.