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Holding hands with a girl


So is it OK to do this with a girl that is your best friend, and should you ask her first. And what does holding hands symbolize in friendship?
Tell me your stories about growing closer to a girl

Dude are you still active here? I saw your threads and it reminds me so much of myself when I was a young man full of angst and trying to figure things out. This is the closest thing I will get to traveling back in time and helping my younger self. If you are still around and still want someone to talk to or some advice, please feel free to email me or direct message. If not I genuinely wish you all the best my young friend. Give em hell!

Alright,I will do that

Sorry for not being active on here. It finally let me back in. I was getting the "your session timed out when posting" error

Same here! I've been locked out for almost years, all of a sudden I'm back in. I can finally answer people's replies!


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