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Author Topic: Hama video editor (for VHS/Video 8) - worth bending and how?  (Read 865 times)


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I am mostly into sound making machines and this device is an old video editor, but also has several functions for sound. So I want to do something with it, but don't know what? Should I skip the video part and only go for the sound part, and try to implement those (bass, treble etc) into other machines? What would you do?

A video editor, A good little machine if you put your old video to DVD or just want to add music or voice over.

Most controls on the front panel are related to the mixer. It has three stereo inputs, two of which are connected to a pair of switched video inputs, the third additional audio input can be switched between audio level at a sound level (from a tape or a turntable) or a high-impedance microphone; There is a slider for each audio input, and a masterfader to adjust the output level, this is shown with a pair of LED bar graphs. It also has a set of bass and treble controls, and there is a headphone output.

Video installations start with the 2-channel switch. Note It's simply a switch, there are no synchronization features. As they pass through the device, video signals can be processed into a black or white ink and pass through an amplifier. The effects of discoloration and any improvements that are applied can easily be checked for display units displaying the effect before and after each process.

It is equipped with a power source and beside the microphone and headphones there is a stereo RCA to RCA conductor, an AV RCA cable, a microphone holder and instructions that work well. Work to explain what you can do and how to do it the.

The sound goes relatively undamaged through the mixer. It manages the composite video inputs very well, without additional audio in the output.

Features: 3-channel stereo audio mixer / fader, bass and treble control, 2-channel AV mixer input, fade video (black or white) video boost, split screen, audio graphics indicator

Sockets: AV inputs and outputs (11 phono), microphone input and headphone output (minijack), DC input.

Dimensions 320 x 210 x 55 mm
0.8 kg of weight