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Author Topic: Phonic Taxidemist BOM  (Read 1149 times)


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Phonic Taxidemist BOM
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:27:35 PM »


Im new to DIY and pretty clueless, can anyone offer feedback on this BOM?

Mouser No   Mfr. No   Manufacturer   Customer No   Description

523-ACJM-MHS   ACJM-MHS   Amphenol      Phone Connectors 1/4"jack Plstc hous W/Metal inserT
502-PC722A   PC722A   Switchcraft      DC Power Connectors 2.1MM POWER JACK
571-1-2199298-8   1-2199298-8   TE Connectivity      IC & Component Sockets 24P DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
571-1-2199298-4   1-2199298-4   TE Connectivity      IC & Component Sockets 16P DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
571-1-2199298-3   1-2199298-3   TE Connectivity      IC & Component Sockets 14P DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
571-1-2199298-2   1-2199298-2   TE Connectivity      IC & Component Sockets 8P DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
647-UKW1H101MPD   UKW1H101MPD   Nichicon      Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded 50volts 100uF 20%
80-SMR5473J50J0116   SMR5473J50J01L16.5CBULK   KEMET      Film Capacitors 0.047uF 50V 5%
80-SMR5103J50J0116   SMR5103J50J01L16.5CBULK   KEMET      Film Capacitors 0.01uF 50V 5%
80-SMR5104J50J0116   SMR5104J50J01L16.5CBULK   KEMET      Film Capacitors 0.1uF 50V 5%
31VF505-F   RV24AF-10-20K-B500K-LA   Alpha (Taiwan)      Potentiometers Linear Knurled 500K
31VF501-F   RV24AF-10-20K-B100K-LA   Alpha (Taiwan)      Potentiometers Linear Knurled 100K
31VF601-F   RV24AF-10-20K-B1M-LA   Alpha (Taiwan)      Potentiometers Linear Knurled 1MEG
78-TLHB4400   TLHB4400   Vishay      Standard LEDs - Through Hole Blue Tinted Diffused
595-CD74HC4060E   CD74HC4060E   Texas Instruments      Counter ICs 14 Stage Binary
595-CD74HC4066E   CD74HC4066E   Texas Instruments      Analogue Switch ICs Quad
512-LM358N   LM358N   ON Semiconductor      Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Dual Operational Amp
926-LM78L05ACZ/NOPB   LM78L05ACZ/NOPB   Texas Instruments      Linear Voltage Regulators 3-Terminal Pos Reg
595-UA78L09ACLP   UA78L09ACLP   Texas Instruments      Linear Voltage Regulators 9.0V 100mA.
926-LM78L12ACZ/NOPB   LM78L12ACZ/NOPB   Texas Instruments      Linear Voltage Regulators 3-Terminal Pos Reg
512-BC548BU   BC548BU   ON Semiconductor      Bipolar Transistors - BJT NPN Si Transistor Epitaxial
647-UKT1H471MHD   UKT1H471MHD   Nichicon      Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded 50volts 470uF 20%
647-ULD1H100MDD1TD   ULD1H100MDD1TD   Nichicon      Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded 50V 10UF 20%
647-ULD1H010MDD1TD   ULD1H010MDD1TD   Nichicon      Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded 50V 1UF 20%
810-FA22C0G2A10400   FA22C0G2A104JNU00   TDK      Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - Leaded 100V 0.1uF C0G 5% RAD LS:5mm AEC-Q200
810-CK45-B3AD331NNA   CK45-B3AD331KYNNA   TDK      Ceramic Disc Capacitors D: 5.5mm 1kV 330pF B 10% LS:5mm
810-CK45-B3AD101KYGA   CK45-B3AD101KYGNA   TDK      Ceramic Disc Capacitors D: 5.5mm 1kV 100pF B 10% LS:5mm
810-CC45SL3AD100JYNA   CC45SL3AD100JYNNA   TDK      Ceramic Disc Capacitors D: 5.5mm 1kV 10pF SL 5% LS:5mm
603-CFR-25JR-52100K   CFR-25JR-52-100K   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 100K ohm 1/4W 5%
603-CFR-25JR-5247K   CFR-25JR-52-47K   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 47K ohm 1/4W 5%
660-CFS1/4CVTR223J   CFS1/4CVTR223J   KOA Speer      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 1/4W 22K 5%
603-CFR-25JB-52-15K   CFR-25JB-52-15K   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 1/4W 15K Ohm 5%
603-CFR-25JR-5210K   CFR-25JR-52-10K   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 10K ohm 1/4W 5%
603-CFR-25JR-525K6   CFR-25JR-52-5K6   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 5.6K ohm 1/4W 5%
603-CFR-25JT-52-1K5   CFR-25JT-52-1K5   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 1.5Kohm 5% 1/4W Carbon Film
603-CFR-25JR-52-4R7   CFR-25JR-52-4R7   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 4.7ohm 1/4W 5%
603-CFR-25JR-52-1K1   CFR-25JR-52-1K1   Yageo      Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 1.1K ohm 5% 1/4W Carbon Film
512-1N914   1N914   ON Semiconductor      Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching 100V 4.0ns Diode Single Junction
863-1N4001RLG   1N4001RLG   ON Semiconductor      Rectifiers 50V 1A Standard