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Author Topic: We started a bending Wiki! Help preserve bending resources before they disappear  (Read 134 times)


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I’m sure many here have noticed the sudden disappearance of several circuit bending sites in recent years. It seems like every month, another old bending forum or blog goes offline. Many of these sites have been around for over a decade, and with their closure comes the loss of thousands of posts, schematics, diagrams, and other priceless info accrued by the bending community. Even community giants like GetLofi and Casper Electronics have 404ed recently.

In an effort to try and preserve the resources that still exist, we’ve started the Circuit Bending Wiki!

So, what is it?

The circuit bending wiki has 3 simple goals;

  • To act as a static place for the community to preserve existing info on bending before its gone, in a way that is centralized, collaborative, & easy navigable
  • To also act as a place for benders to share new info (tips, findings, build notes, etc) on specific devices as well as techniques & concepts
  • To create an extensive archive of service manuals, chip pinouts, and other technical documents relevant to circuit benders

How does it work?

Each device has its own dedicated article, where info related to that device can be posted. Lets use the CB Wiki’s article on the Casio SK-1 as an example. The article has a “Documentation” section, containing manufacturer documents like the service manual & chip pinouts. There’s also a “Community Documentation” section, where users can share info related to circuit bending like schematics, bend points, build notes, etc.

We don’t have an article for every commonly-bent device yet, but we hope to eventually. We’re building them as we go, and it’s up to the community to help make this Wiki the powerful resource it has the potential to be. If we’re missing an article for a device you’d like to see, feel free to create one!

Aside from the device articles, there’s also our catalog of service & operation manuals, which we hope to expand with the help of the community. As well as our “List of Resources”, a list of sites with valuable info for benders. We’re also hoping to have a list of common sound chips & pinouts created soon as well.

How do I contribute?

First and foremost, editing is open to all.

If you have any files you’d like to archive or share (manuals, schematics, images of bend points, circuit diagrams, etc), you can upload them to the Wiki HERE. After which they’ll be available on our “Files List”. page until someone can integrate them into articles.

If you’d like to contribute an article, visit our ”Planned Articles” page to see what we have on our to-do list. Our page on the SK-1 is meant to serve as a template for creating new articles, to make the process quick & easy.

Any suggestions for articles can also be added to the “Planned Articles” page.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to pose them in the replies, and we hope to see you over on the Wiki! Here’s hoping this is the start of a new, powerful resource for the community.
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