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Author Topic: Anyone here archive any of the bending Yahoo groups before they went down?  (Read 6255 times)


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The “CasioSK” and “Benders” yahoo groups were a central hub for bending information for years and years until they went down in 2020. Loads of legendary builds were first developed there, like the Casio SK Attack/Decay & Phat Filter mods for example

It seems that despite saving nearly 1 million groups before they went offline for good, both of these were set to “members only”, meaning they weren’t able to be archived :/ There was loadsss of good info in those groups, and it seems like such a tragedy that all of it is basically lost forever.

So just thought i’d ask here, this being one of the oldest remaining bending forums still online: Anyone here save any of that stuff?

Probably pretty unlikely lol, but figured i’d ask on the off chance someone had saved some stuff before they went down


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Re: Anyone here archive any of the bending Yahoo groups before they went down?
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2022, 09:34:21 AM »

Hey all,

Sorry Ive been away for a long time, life gets busy sometimes. You go through phases.

I have some of that stuff on my band website:

And a bunch of service manuals for many of the Casio bending keyboards.

On my hard drive I archived all of the SK bending and modding stuff, but I need to put them all up sometime. I'll try to find them and put them up on my band server, but it will take a while to make up a page for it all.

Interesting thing, I got an email out of the blue recently from Plutoniq9 (Ryan) who originally came up with many of these mods. He just moved here to Australia where I am, after 20 years in the US. We're now in contact!

Cheers, Graham

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