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Title: My foray into DIY synthitude
Post by: jvd1291 on December 29, 2013, 10:59:20 PM
Hello, I am beginning a foray into DIY synthesis. My synth will be yet another variation of the numerous 555 synths going about. I apologize if my schematic doesn't make sense, I tried to lay it out in as logical a manner as i could. I have a working model of this oscillator set up on a breadboard, and will soon be putting it onto a more permanent perf board.

The next component ill be building will be a 555 and 4017 based 16 step sequencer(using two 4017's). Ive decided to post it here as I find myself lurking your forums quite often, what with the tremendous wealth of schematics and information to be had here. I have not yet written up a schematic for the step sequencer, as i try to do that only after i have made a working model.

The oscillator i have here is a modification of a very basic LED flashing schematic i found on youtube via a user called "Littleapartment life" However I found that it flashed too slowly, so i added a feedback mechanism from the output back to the threshold, which yields a much louder, and faster signal. I have decided to call that component "Resonance" but I as new as i am to analog circuitry, and circuitry in general I am beginning to feel that may be a misnomer. Would it be more appropriately called "feedback"? Or is there really a difference between the two? Either way, its pretty noisy and cool.