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Title: Funny triggers (finger drumming style) CASIO SA or any other toy.
Post by: Steve DrGwon on October 22, 2018, 06:57:46 PM
   Just like to share with you a funny and super cheap way of triggering (finger drumming style)the drum sounds of any of the Casio SA keyboards.

   Its well know how the circuit on this "toys/keyboard" works so im not making any GREAT Discovery...
   Just a quick remembering:If pin 23 and pin11 from the OKI chip get connected you trigger the bassdrum, if pins 23 and 12 gets connected you trigger the snare etc etc... its all about connect pins 23 and 24 with 11,12 and 13.

  OK so the idea its stupidly simple,,but works great,
   You only need a piece of thin metal (i used a beer can,,, you gonna have to sand the can so electricity can go through it) and a few metal thimbles.
i suppose you can imaging how it Works...
Just cut a piece of the can and solder a lead to it ..then solde the other side of the lead to Pin 23 on the OKI chip(repeat the same for pin 24if you wanna have the cowbell and cymbal sounds to)
then solder a lead to the inside of a thimble and the other side on the lead to pin 11 (repeat the process for pins 12 and 13)
  DONE! You just have to put on the timples and hit the metal pieces. its a go idea to glue the metal pieces to somethin heavy enough so you can play comfortably. Or if you wanna go another step into the "freakness" add it to a percusión instrument and play bought at the same time HAHAHAA!!
        ENJOY  ;D ;) :D 8) :D ;) ;D

       I Hope you like it!

Catch you late guys!!

  PD:please forgive my english from spain ;)
Title: Re: Funny triggers (finger drumming style) CASIO SA SERIES
Post by: Steve DrGwon on October 22, 2018, 07:42:49 PM
i attach a pic of the "schematic" XD

a picture is worth a thousand words