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Title: Boss SP303 - LTC1799 - works but has issues
Post by: SampleGrinder on July 13, 2019, 11:25:29 PM
I found a CrystalClock on the MainBoard and managed to remove it and replace with LTC1799 (using the "pre-assembled" version)

It works!!! - - - - But I have Issues:

1. I can only go down - twisting the 100K Poti that controls the ClockSpeed all the way up results in the machine functioning normally - it doesn´t go above the normal operating speed.

2. It will let me go low but if I do "digital crackling" is introduced to the signal - there is no "clean down-pitching"

3. It doesnt make a difference if I solder the LTC1799´s output to "the one pin" or "the other pin" - according to the infos one pin should let me mess with the clock speed the other one shouldn´t but in my case both work (with the above mentioned issues)

Please help!!!