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Title: Alesis SR-16
Post by: Komsasly on January 10, 2020, 10:02:11 AM
Hi there !  ;D
Am french, so, I try ! (I got pictures of it but I don't understand how put picture with (http://)...)

I have bent this box from 1995, on the upside of chips sound. Cause i needed to sold almost all the pins. Instead of using the original soldering points under the board... So... Maybe the pewter flushed down in the stand ????!!!!  :o

I've seen tht the 16est ones (the two chips are the same) are maybe the power ones so it can be bent only with limited other points. If so the unit restart, it's not dangerous.  8)

Anyway, it is not the result I hope, there's a weak sound running backbard like like drums throwed by staircase ! Some bent makes it but it's very under my expectations !
The left thid side of the display have disapeared ! Sequences can't be played. But the pads are ok, and by midi it works. :-\
I sold points with "on-off-on" switches, a bend-bus connect to the central pin, it allow to connect two "major" points with several points "3rd point to 6-12th points"etc...

If you have some of what is the most obvious mistake ! Best regards !
Title: Re: Alesis SR-16
Post by: Komsasly on January 15, 2020, 05:16:17 PM
Hi ! So I reply to my own topic !   ;D

I had burn an other SR16, so i have a "new" screen !

I have disassemble the chips and the pewter didn't flow down the pins. I have replace them. It works...

But i still cannot hear the sequences, they run on the display. i can use the pads an midi. An advice about the cause ? Fixing ?

Some explanation about the pin's functions ?

So, i will restart with less bends.