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Author Topic: Lifetime's supply of components  (Read 1852 times)


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Lifetime's supply of components
« on: February 16, 2011, 08:59:32 PM »

Greetings circuitbenders!

I've been a lifelong amateur and occasionally professional electrons nut, but due to circumstances it's about time to (mostly) hang up my Weller. My name's Rick, by the way.

As such, I've a ton of semiconductors to get rid of. Tubs, boxes, bags and drawers full -  tens of thousands worth at retail prices. Everything I'm selling is unused and mostly still in sealed packets/tubes.

I've been trying to find somewhere to sell it, because, frankly, I need the money. I've tried on a few forums I'm a regular at that aren't electronics related, the electronics forums I follow (like EDAboard) don't have a sales forum, and I absolutely hate ebay even though I used to sell on there quite a lot. I've been struggling to find an active UK electronics forum - Google led me here.

I know you don't know me from Adam (or Eve for that matter) but I'm sure we can work around that. I don't mind anyone local popping in for a brew and a nosey at the stuff, for instance. I live not far too far from Bury, UK.

My main areas have always been digital/computer stuff, high-precision instrumentation and some audio. As such, that's what the bulk of my kit is, for instance:

    * Microchip PIC's and other devices, mostly larger/higher spec 16F,18F, dsPIC types (lots!!!)
    * Other MCU's from Texas Instruments, Atmel, Dallas etc
    * USB, ethernet capable devices and support ic's
    * Memory, interface support, real-time clocks, serial/parallel port expanders
    * Precision DAC's, ADC's, V/F and F/V converters, data acquisition chips etc
    * CPLD's and programmable logic
    * High power and high current op-amps (like 10A 60V devices!)
    * Precision instrumentation op-amps, isolators, programmable gain amps etc
    * Audiophile grade power transistors (premium parts used in many audiophile designs)
    * SCR's, Triacs, IGBT's, MOSFET's, power diodes etc
    * Audio IC's, codecs, transceivers, line drivers etc
    * Power supply modules, DC-DC converters, voltage and current regulators

I've also got a spreadsheet of part numbers. Unfortunately it's out of date due to a crash so there are actually more than it says, especially PIC's. Some of the parts I might only have a few of, many I've got a dozen or two of, others I've got 50-100 of. I used to buy in bulk to get the price breaks.


I know, for instance, that I've got hundreds of the audio transistors in tubes, likewise some of the power op-amps and instrumentation amps, and certainly hundreds of PIC's.

So, please get in touch if you're interested in anything specific, or would like a 'mixture' of stuff for your ideas box. You can PM me here, or email me at my please-spam-me address:

foxyrick (you know what goes here) gmail (and here) com

I never know if that actually stops spambots, but it's worth a try.

Thanks for reading,