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Author Topic: Is this a cool sort of slide & twist double potentiometer ive never seen before?  (Read 3393 times)

michael page

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This appears to be a double pot you twist and push!  I dont think the push pull motion is for a switch because there are 6 pins on it and there would probably only be 5 on a switching one and also it says 'double potentiometer in the title.

Am I correct?


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I wouldn't trust the descriptions of anything you find on Aliexpress. I'm pretty sure that somewhere in there you can buy 6000 goats for next day delivery with the condition stated as 'Alive'. Or that might be Alibaba.

They look intriguing though. They could mean double potentiometer because its a dual pot and the shaft just pulls out of the body for some reason. Maybe people use control knobs that are nearly flush with a surface to look good, but pull out so you can actually turn them.
I suspect pulling the thing doesn't actually do anything, who knows though.
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i've often thought double pots or pot/switches would be useful for space saving, but i wonder if the cost would make it worthwhile