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Author Topic: Jomox T-Resonator salvaging/ideas brainstorm  (Read 1564 times)


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Jomox T-Resonator salvaging/ideas brainstorm
« on: July 31, 2017, 11:48:34 AM »

Friends, Benders, Wotsits, lend me your ear?

Been a while since i was here and this is my first real topic started so yay for me.

Listen, this not a real bend to be exact, more of a brainstorming-invitation.

Beef and potatoes:
I was gifted a T-Resonator from a friend who's leaving the continent for a couple of years and he said the main time-fx or program chip was fried and it had started acting weird but he said maybe i could find some way to rig/bend/bypass it and use the filtering stuff in it for some fun stuff.

Now i havent opened it just yet as i have two other projects i want to get done with first (repairing some in-jacks on a 80s mixer and find out what the hell is wrong with my korg dds-1k) but i thought maybe someone on here has a clue or two on what to do with this little gem?
Watching vids of it makes me very excited about the havoc i could wreak with it!

Idea 1:
I have an unbent pristine Memoplay coming in, i will subject it to a slightly different bend than my last one (pitch mod and diy-LFO) and i was thinking that i could gut the jomox for it's filters and rig them as onboard crazymaker on the new memoplay with a bypassing in and out jack so i could patch something else through it like on the moogs, the filter bank is useable as a standalone unit for other signals.

Idea 2:
Somewhere in a box i have a diy delay stompbox kit i havent found a weird enough casing for, i was thinking i could rip the program circuit out of the jomox, install the delay circuit from the kit as a replacement and christen it with infant blood to be the Frankenmox Delaysonator (cue the ominous thunder and lightning)

Idea 3:
Gut it for parts and hope the filter bank is usable as a standalone and install it in an old cookie tin.

So what do you guys think? Am i being too much of a dreamer or is any of it doable? What do you recommend?

I'm also thinking i would email Jomox and ask for advice. They'll probably tell me to go buy a new one and sue me for f-in about with their circuits but maybe they're kind or curious people, who knows?