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Author Topic: VSS30 Sample Distorting Issue - Help Appreciated!  (Read 132 times)


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VSS30 Sample Distorting Issue - Help Appreciated!
« on: October 14, 2020, 12:24:16 PM »

Hi all,

I've stumbled upon a problem with my VSS30 whereby any samples captured with the internal mic are distorted and have a sort of ground hum on them. Samples captured via the RCA are not distorted.

Here's a quick vid to show the issue. You'll see everything seems to work fine until I record something via the mic:

I recently installed a midi-retrofit into the unit although everything was working fine for a few days after - I'm unsure whether it's coincidence or could be linked.

Here's a pic of the midi-retrofit install in case it could help >

Any help is hugely appreciated! I do have a spare mic to hand if that sounds like the culprit but I'm keen to hear thoughts/advice on any other possibilities.

Thanks in advance  :)