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Author Topic: Olegtron 4060 mk2 - good companion for the CB55  (Read 46 times)


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Olegtron 4060 mk2 - good companion for the CB55
« on: July 27, 2020, 03:33:29 AM »

I finally finished my CB55 build, I planned to put it in a Tupperware as a makeshift enclosure.  Things weren't going well, the tupperware was too small, I couldn't access the jumper wires for the pots and outputs.  Then I realized I should try the CB55 with my Olegtron 4060 mk2 that I got a month ago.  It's actually I great solution for the CB55.  I took my CB out of the tupperware, put some legs on it and the Olegtron provides almost all the connections needed. First it can provide 12v power, since the Olegtron can be powered up to 15v.  It has 4 ring tip connections to provide 8 audio outputs. It has a divider which is an alternative sequencer to TRIG_IN1.  You can add some capacitors to the divider to great some interesting rhythms. Turning down the current knob causes the cb55 to freak out a bit but sounding really cool. I put a 470k resistor in accent jumper and I think a 10k resistor for the volume.  Tone I left blank.  So the two devices are connected with a bunch on jumper wires and I don't need an enclosure for the cb55. I'll have to post a video of this setup.