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Author Topic: ROLAND SH101 mods!  (Read 5900 times)


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ROLAND SH101 mods!
« on: December 21, 2007, 05:22:48 PM »

Despite our best procrastinating efforts the Roland SH101 mods are finally available and up on the website. To all those people over the last year or so to whom we've repeatedly told 'it'll be ready in a couple on months' we offer our sincere apologies, but thats inefficiency for you.

Anyway, the mods consist of:

Filter Overdrive knob
PWM waveform source knob
VCF CV input
Audio input to VCF FM or Filter
VCF FM controls (on/off, amount knob & source knob)
LFO rate extension switch
LFO trigger input
LFO trigger polarity switch

Take a look at the mods here:
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