We have three circuit bent sounds sample packs currently available from Loopmasters. Each one features over 700MB of royalty free circuit bent insanity created by circuitbenders.co.uk.

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Demo of a seriously bent Coleco Talking Teacher. Excellent looped glitches and tones.
Speak&Spell with circuit board No.11. This one is very, very angry.
Texas Instruments 'Computer Fun' glitch unit. Sounds like an old woman strangling a cat in a washing machine.
Frontline rackmounted sampling delay. The ultimate Dub Delay monster. Ring modulated, chopped and distorted echos galore.

Speak&Maths, this is unbelievable. Don't know how it happened but it's straight to DAT with no editing. Instant Trance!
Speak&Maths, Sounds smoother than a  Speak&Spell with more complex loops & glitches.
Ambient texture created live with a Speak&Spell + Speak&Maths talking to each other.
DSI keyboard: Insane 8-bit percussion and electronic crashes.
A selection of bizarre sounds and loops from a bent Speak&Maths machine.
Speak&Read loop switches & sounds. More complex than  S&S or S&M loops

Yamaha PSS-470 Keyboard. Loads of drum disruption and random stuttering.
Tiny chicco drum machine demo.
Mix Me DJ - The poor mans Yamaha DJX II. Two pitch control action!
V-tech Demonic Chit-Chat. Satanic voices from the bowels of hell.
Texas Instruments Speak&Write. Cleaner and more organic sounding Speak&Spell type sounds.
Casio SA-1 crash machine. Savage noise and crash tones.
Casio SK-60 sampling loop chopper.
Yamaha PSS-270. 8 switches that cut the FM synth data lines. Sounds like a nasty dose of food poisoning.
Analogue drum sounds from a Beat-sound percussion machine.

V-tech early Words, 8 bit grinding action and crashes.
Evil audio destruction and analogue sounds from a heavily modified JEN-SX1000

Crash noise and percussion from a Casio SA-5
Some very odd stereo sounds from a rare Casio SK-200 sampling keyboard.

Sounds from a bizarre techno toy made by Tomy. Probably 4 bit samples if that.
Musical alphabet box, otherwise known as the paedophiles choice. Check out naughty nick and munching mike, this is very very wrong.
Percussion crash sequences and voodoo drums from an Early Learning Centre drum toy with some red hot multicolour LED action.