12/04/24 - We finally have a few Demon Seed - fuzz / distortion / frequency shifting / 8-bit / lo-fi / robot arpeggio / filth pedals available for sale in our shop. For those special moments when only offensively savage noise terror will do...

10/01/24 - Limited edition Drink Petrol for Jesus mugs have manifested in the shop!

07/01/23 - We have a limited number of DIY TR7X7 pitch mod kits for adding individual pitch controls to the Roland TR707 and TR727. Click HERE or on the image to take a look.

11/10/22 - Our new shop at TEEMILL is now open with various baffling T-shirts from old stickers, logos and graphics. Click the image to be guaranteed a minimum increase in your attractiveness of at least 43.2%*

*Please note: Guarantee invalid if shirt has been observed in any manner by anyone other than the original purchaser. Terms and conditions apply.

25/08/22 - Korg Kaoss Pad KP2 mods are now available on the site. Mods include a 18 way RAM decimation switch matrix in a LED lit breakout box and a RAM reclocking knob. More detals can be found HERE.

03/08/22 - LTC1799's have finally been hit by the worldwide chip shortage. As of July 2022 the manufacturers are quoting a lead time of just over 2 years before they have any more available! All major suppliers are out of stock and prices have tripled or quadrupled anywhere else.
We have a small stock for installing our own mods, and we hopefully have some more extremely overpriced units on their way, but unless someone miraculously gets some in at a reasonable price then its probably unlikely that we'll have many, if any LTC1799 based reclocking modules for sale any time soon. If we do then they will inevitably be more expensive, but we'll see what we can do.

05/07/21 - We have a new TR7X7 mod video up on Youtube featuring a TR707 with both our mods and the HKA Designs ROM expansion mod installed.

21/02/21 - All the tutorials on the site have been gathered onto the new tutorials page instead of being spread around in random corners of the site only accessible via mysterious and esoteric paths! You can find the tutorials page HERE.

24/10/20 - We have a couple of new drumBs panels available. A much requested dehydrated piss yellow colour, and a very limited, experimental and possibly ill advised black on black panel that appears to have been designed exclusively for braille readers!

15/08/20 - drumBs PCB's are now available to build an anlogue percussion source in either eurorack or standalone format.

12/06/20 - We have a new video on YoutTube with our Roland patch box used with a Roland U110 synth module

12/05/20 - It appears our Roland R8/R8M percussion grinding patch box also works with the Roland U220, and presumably any other units that use the same ROM soound cards such as the U110, MV30 and U20.


21/11/19 - BEHOLD! Due to a massive demand of literally nobody other than we rather liked the idea, we now have Drink Petrol For Jesus greetings cards available on the site! Applicable to any occasion via the simple to operate internal instructions, this card will fill your victims with an uncontrollable and possibly illegal level of rapturous joy.
Thats guaranteed or your money back!*

*Please note: Guarantee invalid if the card has been read, or observed in any way.

03/10/19 - We have a write up on our new Nixie Clock with Dekatron spinner counting tube, built into the case from a very scary piece of 1930's medical equpiment! Click HERE or on the image for more details.

nixie clock

21/08/19 - Continuing the recent trend for offering mods for a very limited demographic, the Alesis Nanoverb 2 reclocking and RAM loop mods are now available for your unit. Click HERE for more details.

30/07/19 - We have a new tutorial detailing bypassing / replacing the Roland R8 and R5 power supplies with their with unique connectors, using an internal dual power rail generator PCB. This allows you to run these machines using a standard external DC power supply. Click HERE for more details.

27/07/19 - We are now selling replacement SH101 power switches. These will solve any tuning issues your synth is experiencing if you touch the power button. Click HERE or on the image below for details.

16/07/19 - Roland R8 / R8M percussion grinding patch boxes are available from the SHOP. The box plugs in via a ROM card port and doesn't need any mods to the machine itself.

09/04/19 - Yamaha REX50 mods are now available for your machine. Mods include a 16 way RAM decimation switch matrix and a reclocking knob. More detals can be found HERE.

14/02/19 - We have a new write up on our Yamaha RY30drum machine mods that can be found HERE

12/02/19 - The Behringulizer 2000 mod kits have been updated with another version available for the DSP1024P and the DSP1224P. The later 24 bit versions of the Virtualizer DSP1000P or Modulizer DSP1200P. Click HERE for details.

18/06/18 - Behringulizer 2000 DIY kits are available on the SHOP page. The mod adds a system reclocking knob plus a switchable operating system and effects set to a Behringer Virtualizer DSP1000P or Modulizer DSP1200P

Behringulizer 2000 DIY kit

05/06/18 - We have a few 'Redshift Multiple' eurorack multiple and level shifter modules avaiable on the SHOP page.

14/08/17 - We have a new demo of a circuit bent Phonic Verbifex multi FX unit up on our Soundcloud. Mods include a reclocking knob and a RAM loop button.

Phonic Verbifex

23/01/17 - The Kawai R-ROM sound ROM switcher mod is available as a solderless DIY kit on the SHOP page of the site.

20/01/17 - The KAWAI R100 mods page has been updated with the new external patchbay and ROM switcher mods.

29/11/16 - Poly800 mkI MDK Midi Dump Kit's are now available. This DIY kit adds midi sysex patch exchange with your computer to the mkI Poly800. Click HERE or on the image for details.

16/09/16 - Harmonic Engine DIY PCB's are now available. The Harmonic Engine is a clone of the 1981 E&MM Harmony Generator. Click HERE or on the image for more details.

29/07/16 - DIY Audio 2 Trigger interface kits are available in the shop. Theres also some pre-built modules for direct installation into a Roland TR8.
The interface takes an audio signal such as a click or rimshot sound, and converts it into a +5v 10ms analogue trigger pulse.

04/07/16 - We have a new DIY kit that adds a data entry knob to replace the up & down parameter change buttons on a Korg Poly800 mkI or mkII synth. Click HERE or on the image below to take a look

08/05/16 - Ten Thumbed Tone Deaf No Talent Noise Pollution T-shirts are available in various colours on the Mercht website until 22nd May. Ships on 25th May. Click HERE or on the image below to take a look.

circuitbenders t-shirt

15/02/16 - The Zoom 1204 reclocking mod is now available for your unit. Click HERE or on the image below to take a look.

Modified Zoom 1204