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We aim to answer most emails within 24-48 hours. If you do not receive a reply, please check your junk mail and add to your safe list. If all else fails we can always be contacted via our Facebook page.

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Please read the following before emailing:

1 - We are not a repair company, and we don't usually do general servicing and repairs unless we're installing mods on a machine at the same time.
2 - If you are emailing regarding a mod or something for sale on the site, please make sure you have fully read the page in question, as it may already answer the question you're about to ask.
3 - If the answer to your question turns out to be on the first result of a Google search, we probably won't be responding!

4 - DON'T PANIC! Please don't email, and then if we haven't replied an hour later send a Facebook message, and then Tweet us if we don't reply to that within minutes, and then send another email and an ebay message. We will reply to everything as soon as possible, but we do have other things to do as well!