These were £45, but for a limited time (i.e. until they're all sold) they're £5 off, and even cheaper if you get one of our Redshift Mixers at the same time. See the bottom of the page for details.

This is one of those occasions where you're looking for a certain eurorack module and you can't find anything that does quite what you want for a reasonable price, so you decide to just design your own. Then because you have a few spare boards left you build a few more for other people and suddenly it becomes a thing you might as well sell a few of.

redshift eurorack multiple

The Redshift Multiple is a 7HP eurorack three way, one in to three out buffered multiple, with an added up/down line to eurorack level shifter.

The multiples are a fairly standard design i.e you plug a jack into the input and the same signal is available at the three associated outputs. As its buffered you don't get signal changes caused by whatever you plug the outputs into, so its ideal for both CV's and audio. The first input on the top left is normalised to the second input below it, so if you don't have a jack in the second input then the first will also use the second multiples outputs, and act as a one in and six out multiple. When you plug a jack into the second input it disconnects the first input and they both act as one in and three out multiples.

redshift multile side

The level shifter is designed to allow normal line level signals from synths and drum machines etc, to be used in a eurorack system. The UP section takes a line level 1v peak to peak signal and amplifies it to the eurorack standard of 10v peak to peak at the output. The DOWN section does the opposite.

This was originally intended as an easy way of integrating our Phonic Taxidermist and Harmonic Engine PCB's into a eurorack environment as ideally they both work at line level, but it also allows you to use line level FX units or instruments in a modular system. The DOWN section can also be used as an output module to take the output of your modular down to normal levels used by mixers or audio interfaces.

The boost and attenuation of the level shifter have been preset to shift between line and eurorack, but the levels can be altered using the trimmer pots on the board.

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Save £5 by giving your even numbered HP OCD a treat and filling 14HP buying both a Redshift Multiple/Lever Shifter and a Redshift Mixer at the same time for £75.