(All prices are for mods installed on your machine by circuitbenders)

YES, these mods do work with the HKA Designs ROM expansion mod. You can find a demo at the bottom of the page.


The Roland TR-727 and TR-707 are another pair of classic drum machines that are, in our opinion somewhat overrated but the fairly average original sounds are more than made up for by the classic Roland user interface.
As with the TR-505 and TR-626 mods, the TR-727 Drum Destruction mods add some serious modular patching action to turn it into something that wouldn't sound out of place on the shop floor of a steelworks.


18 way main patchbay: More information and details of our patchbay mods can be found HERE. The TR727 patchbay excels in compressed punchy percussion effects ideally suited to chunky techno groove percussion, hard mid-range heavy breakbeats or fast rolling Drum & Bass breaks.

TR727 patchbay

2x 3 way DAC distortion switches. These switches offer four types of distortion from all out electro grinding and crushing noise, to a mild overdriven crunch. Each switch also has an effect off setting.

TR727 DAC distortion

The patchbay also includes 2 X Patchable switches and 2 X 3 way Patching multiples for a huge range of further percussion grinding possibilities.

Click on the demo's below for mp3's of what these mods can do.



This mod adds two knobs to control the decay of the long and short whistle sounds along with an external audio input socket.

TR727 decay & audio input

On the TR-727 the long and short whistle sound use the same sample with different envelopes. This mods adds individual knobs to control the decay of each sound but in order to do this the long whistle decay knob has to act as a kind of overall 'master' decay for both sounds and the short whistle decay knob sets the decay of the short whistle within the maximum setting of the long whistle knob. Essentially this means that when the long whistle decay is set to full, then the short whistle can be set anywhere from a tiny click to the full long whistle sound, but when the long whistle is set only half open then the short whistle can only sweep from the tiny click sound at minimum to roughly the normal short whistle at full. This is virtually impossible to explain so we hope you get the idea.

Obviously this isn't quite as useful as the same mod on the TR707, where the two knobs control the open and closed Hi-Hat sounds.

Audio input: This is a jack socket placed on the right end on the machine that allows you to run an external signal through the Whistle soundbus. Plugging a jack into this socket removes the whistle sounds from the mix and replaces them with any external signal. The external signal is chopped and gated according to the whistle envelopes and programmed whistle pattern. The level of the external signal is controlled with the normal whistle mixer slider.


We have a limited number of DIY kits for the pitch mods available HERE

Modified TR727 with pitch controls

This mod gives you 9 individual pitch controls. Theres one for each sound group i.e. the two bongos share the same pitch control, as do the Cabasa / Maracas etc. The only exception to this are the Quijada / Star Chime which share a pitch control despite having separate volume faders.

The pitch controls are very wide ranging and can take the pitch of the sounds from short blips at the top end, to a crunchy mess of sample aliasing noise at the bottom.

Take a listen to the 727 pitch demo below, to hear the kind of sounds this mod can produce.


TR-727 MODIFICATION DEAL: If you want all three mods installed on your 727 it costs £220. A saving of £15 on the normal price

HKA Designs ROM expansion mod

The HKA Designs ROM expansion mod works perfectly alongside all of the mods above. We have to make some minor adjustments and workarounds to the installation, but definitely nothing you'd notice when using the thing.

Below you can see a (far too long) video of a TR707 with all out mods installed, plus the HKA ROM expansion mod to give 8 separate sound banks. Only the TR707, TR808 and TR909 banks are shown on the video. Different banks are activated by holding down the 1 to 8 step keys as you turn it on.

The 8 sound banks available are:

You can find more details of the HKA mod on Harry Axtens site HEREWe do not stock this expansion, but we can fit one for you for £60 if you send the kit with your TR707, or order a kit shipped here direct from HKA. It will be extremely difficult to install a HKA expansion after our mods have been installed, so if you want one it would be best to get it done before, or at the same time as our mods are installed.

if you want your TR727 modded get in touch using the CONTACT form.