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This was originally conceived as a project designed to add an analogue trigger output to the Roland TR8, but we've had a few people get in touch who were interested doing the mod themselves or installing the same thing on other machines, so we've got some proper boards made up and put together some kits.

TR8 Audio to trigger board

Essentially what the Audio 2 Trigger board does, is take an audio signal and convert it into a +5v 10ms analogue trigger pulse output. The output can be used to drive a synth arpeggiator, a modular synth percussion module, the clock of an analogue sequencer, ancient drum machines, and many other units that adhere to the same trigger standard.

The board performs best when the audio input is a line level short, sharp sound with a very fast attack, such as a short click or something like a rimshot sound from a drum machine. In order to make the attack as fast as possible it might be an idea to pitch up any sound like a drum hit, and give it as short a decay as possible to ensure that each one of several rapidly consecutive sounds has completely ended before the next one begins. Depending on the sound used, a lower input volume may allow successive inputs to be distinguished from each other more easily

With the right sound, it is possible for the board to output a 5v trigger within 1ms of the start of the input sound, and to distinguish consecutive inputs with a minimum spacing of 20ms apart

The kit contains a PCB and all the parts needed to build and mount the Audio 2 Trigger board.

The build guide can be downloaded HERE, and we also have an extra guide specifically detailing installation into a Roland TR8 that can be found HERE.


Payments are processed via Paypal, but you can pay using a credit or debit card without having a Paypal account. If you want to pay using some other method, please get in touch via the CONTACT page. Please note, we cannot accept a return on a kit once an attempt has been made to install it.

If you've installed this board on something interesting, feel free to get in tiuch and we'll be happy to put up a photo and a link on this page.