In the UK theres a long tradition of getting up insanely early on a Sunday morning, and gathering in fields to sell crap to each other out of the boot of your car. No doubt other countries have similar events specifically designed to stimulate the trade in appallingly tasteless china ornaments and Engelbert Humperdinck vinyl.

Back in the day these events were bursting at the seams with speak & spell machines and Casio SK1's, and we've all heard the stories of how someones cousins brother in law found a TB303 for £5. Odd how its never someone you actually know, although we did once get an Akai S900 with the trigger input board for £5 because the woman selling it couldn't work out how to get a VHS cassette into it!

Inevitably over the years of running circuitbenders.co.uk we've amassed a vast amount of odd bits and pieces that we just can't bring ourselves to throw away, so it tends to just pile up in boxes waiting for someone to do something with it. This page is intended to list all this stuff for sale in our own private car boot sale, so hopefully some of it will go to a better home.

PLEASE NOTE: If it says UNTESTED on the details, then thats exactly what it is. This could be because we don't have the ability to test it, or we just can't be bothered. Either way, you pay your money and you take the risk. We can't accept returns on anything on this page.

Rocktek Flanger Pedals: £8 each + P&P
Ian Fritz transistor matching PCB
Dusty, old and faded, but fully working.
One has holes drilled in the battery cover and a little rust on the back, so that ones £5. We're not sure why one has a different pedal to normal Rocktek pedals, but you can try and convince people that means its somehow rare and/or better.

Yamaha SPX90 front panel: £5 + P&P
Very good, other than the normal bolt marks around the rack holes
If you've got a battered panel on your SPX90, this is the perfect replacement

Wah PCB's: £2.50 each + P&P
All working as far as we know
Pulled from wah pedals by Nevada, Ashton, Meridian etc. They're all the same thing.

Check back soon for more random bits & pieces

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