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Ladies and gentlemen! Young and old! Gather ye round and witness the majesty that is the circuitbenders.co.uk 'Drink Petrol For Jesus' mug! This mug is sure to both delight and deeply offend up to 100% of everyone, including friends, enemies and baffled pensioners alike.

Drink Petrol for Jesus card

The 'Drink Petrol For Jesus' quote first appeared on the back of our Phonic Taxidermist 47.2b PCB, and proved so popular we've been milking it with stickers, business cards and T-shirts ever since.

Now is your chance to give the gift of prophet based flammable liquid consumption in a high quality mug format!

If you've been drinking petrol for Jesus (or other applicable deity of your choice) from a different receptacle all this time then you've been doing it wrong!

This is the only officially mandated vessel for the consumption of flammable fuel liquids in the name of our Lord and saviour. There are only 30 of these in the world.

Jesus card inside

If you want to purchase one of these enchanting beverage facilitation devices, head over to our ETSY shop.

PLEASE NOTE: Over the years of using this graphic we have had several people kindly getting in contact to take a certain amount of smug glee in informing us we're going to burn in hell for all eternity. Leaving aside the fact that we're fairly sure that on paper Christians aren't strictly meant to take delight in the endless suffering of others, if you are inclined this way please consider exactly why you are so offended given that the main graphic is devoid of meaning. It is a semantic null. Any interpretation, content or intent has been invented by you, not us.