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This is an offshoot of our older Redshift Multiples & level Shifter module that had three active one in three out multiples, and a single up / down level shifter. We had a few enquiries from people who just wanted the level shifter section, so we decided to put together a couple of up / down level shifters in one smaller module.

redshift eurorack multiple

The Redshift Dual Level Shifter is a 4HP eurorack module containing two pairs of up/down line to eurorack level shifters. Theres two independent channels that take a normal line level signal up to eurorack signal levels, and another two that do the opposite and take a eurorack signal down to line level.

redshift multile side

The level shifters are designed to allow normal line level signals from synths, drum machines and FX units etc, to be used in a eurorack system. The UP channels are set to take a line level 1v peak to peak signal and amplify it to the eurorack standard of 10v peak to peak at the output. The DOWN sections perform the opposite level shift

This was originally intended as an easy way of integrating our Phonic Taxidermist and Harmonic Engine PCB's into a eurorack environment as ideally they both work at line level, but it also allows you to use any other line level FX units or instruments in a modular system. The DOWN section can also be used as an output module to take the output of your modular down to normal line levels used by mixers or audio interfaces.

dual level shifter

The boost and attenuation of the level shifter have been preset to shift between line and eurorack, but the levels can be altered using the trimmer pots on the board if you wanted a more extreme level shift for lower level input signals etc.

The trimmer pots are:
TR1 - level shifter 1 (UP) boost
TR2 - level shifter 2 (DOWN) attenuation
TR3 - level shifter 3 (UP) boost
TR4 - level shifter 4 (DOWN) attenuation

The module uses a 10 pin +/-12v power cable which is not included.

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