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Audio electronics. synth DIY, modifications and wall to wall noise terror! We've been doing this for far longer than is strictly healthy, so if you need some batshit lunacy in your studio take a look the list of standard modifications we can install in your machines on the left, or check out the bent machine archives and see what we might have for sale on the SHOP page.
There are loads of audio demos to listen to around the site, but we take no responsibility for the effects they might have on household pets and elderly relatives. You have been warned.


We have a new TR7X7 mod video up on Youtube featuring a TR707 with both our mods and the HKA Designs ROM expansion mod installed.

Click HERE or on the image to take a look

drumBs PCB's and panels are available in the SHOP.

The drumBs PCB is an analogue percussion circuit that can be built either as a eurorack module or a standalone unit. The circuit features a VCO, a noise source, a noise filter and an auto roll function.


nixie clock

We have a write up on our new Nixie Clock with Dekatron spinner counting tube, built into the case from a very scary piece of 1930's medical equpiment!

Click HERE or on the image for more details.

nixie clock

Drink Petrol For Jesus greetings cards are available on the site! Applicable to any occasion via the simple to operate internal instructions, this card will fill your victims with an uncontrollable and possibly illegal level of rapturous joy. Thats guaranteed or your money back!*

*Please note: Guarantee invalid if the card has been read, or observed in any way.

Alesis Nanoverb 2 mods are now available for you unit HERE

The mod includes a power switch, a system reclocking knob, and a RAM looping switch.