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Audio electronics. synth DIY, modifications and wall to wall noise terror! We've been doing this for far longer than is strictly healthy, so if you need some batshit lunacy in your studio take a look the list of standard modifications we can install in your machines on the left, or check out the bent machine archives and see what we might have for sale on the SHOP page.
There are loads of audio demos to listen to around the site, but we take no responsibility for the effects they might have on household pets and elderly relatives. You have been warned.


Demon Seed - fuzz / distortion / frequency shifting / 8-bit / lo-fi / robot arpeggio / filth pedals available for sale in our shop.
For those special moments when only offensively savage noise terror will do...

Korg Kaoss Pad KP2 mods are now available on the site. Mods include a 18 way RAM decimation switch matrix in a LED lit breakout box and a RAM reclocking knob. More detals can be found HERE.

Image a Space Echo, but with 80% more HATE! Reclocked delay pedals based around a heavily modified Dan Echo PT2395 circuit. Available in the site shop.... sometimes.

We have a limited number of DIY TR7X7 pitch mod kits for adding individual pitch controls to the Roland TR707 and TR727.

Click HERE or on the image to take a look

drumBs PCB's and panels are available in the SHOP.

The drumBs PCB is an analogue percussion circuit that can be built either as a eurorack module or a standalone unit. The circuit features a VCO, a noise source, a noise filter and an auto roll function.