Audio electronics. synth DIY, modifications and wall to wall noise terror! We've been doing this for far longer than is strictly healthy, so if you need some batshit lunacy in your studio take a look the list of standard modifications we can install in your machines on the left, or check out the bent machine archives and see what we might have for sale on the SHOP page.
There are loads of audio demos to listen to around the site, but we take no responsibility for the effects they might have on household pets and elderly relatives. You have been warned.


Roland R8 / R8M percussion grinding patchboxes are for sale HERE

Drum destruction patchbay that plugs in via the sound ROM card expansion socket. No drilling or cutting the case is necessary

We have a new tutorial detailing bypassing / replacing the Roland R8 and R5 power supplies with their with unique connectors, using an internal dual power rail generator PCB. This allows you to run these machines using a standard external DC power supply.

Click HERE for more details.

We have a new write up for our Yamaha RY30 modification that can be found HERE.

Mods include a 24 way bend bus percussion grinding switch matrix. Theres a coupe of audio demos of the mods, plus some examples of Autechre showing how to properly program a RY30!

Yamaha REX50 mods are now available for your machine.

Mods include a 16 way RAM decimation switch matrix and a reclocking knob. More details can be found HERE.

Behringulizer 2000 DIY kits are available on the SHOP page.

The mod kit adds a system reclocking knob plus a switchable dual operating system and effects set to any Behringer Virtualizer DSP1000P / DSP1024P or Modulizer DSP1200P / DSP1224P