These are various versions of our Behringulizer modifications. Details of the full Bahringulizer 2000 mod can be found HERE, but the full mod is only applicable to the Virtualizer DSP1000P / DSP1200P and the Modulizer DSP1200P / DSP1224P where we add a system reclocking mod and a switchable dual operating system that adds the effects from both the Virtualizer and the Modulizer to one unit.

The Virtualizer DSP2024P only needs a reclocking mod as it is a later unit that already has most of the effects from both the earlier Virualizer and Modulizer units.
The Virtualizer DSP1000 (no P) was the original Virtualizer effects unit that cannot have the dual operating system installed, and so only has the set of Virtualizer effects. It does have the reclocking mod though.

The manuals can be found at:


The units we have for sale are shown below:

1 - Virtualizer DSP2024P: £120 - SOLD

2 - Virtualizer DSP2024P: £120 - SOLD

3 - Virtualizer DSP1024P: £110 - SOLD

4 - Modulizer DSP1224P: £110 - Includes switchable dual OS with all the effects from both the Modulizer and Virtualizer, plus the system reclocking mod.

5 - Virtualizer DSP1000: £85 - Includes system reclocking mod. Only Virtualizer effects.

6 - Virtualizer DSP1000: £75 - Includes system reclocking mod. Only Virtualizer effects. The power button was broken on this unit so has been replaced with a toggle switch.

Demos can be heard below. The demos were recorded using a modded Modulizer DSP1200P, so every effect on the demos can definitely be created using the modded DSP1000P. DSP1200P, DSP1024P and DSP1224P. Apart from the supposedly slightly better quality converters on the 24P versions (24 bit rather than 20 bit, as if you could tell the difference!), they are all exactly the same machine once the dual OS is installed.

The DSP2024P has virtually all the same effects as the previous versions plus some extras, so it should be able to create every sound on the demos and more.

The DSP1000 only has Virtualizer effects, so that includes anything that sounds like reverb, delay, pitchshifting, vocoder, vocal distortion, flanger, chorus etc. If you are considering buying a modded DSP1000 and you want to know if it can produce any specific bit of the demos, get in touch via the contact link at the bottom of the page. The main hardware difference between the DSP1000 and the DSP1000P is that the 'P' models have XLR inputs and outputs alongside the 1/4" jack sockets, and the non 'P' ones only have jack sockets.


If you want to buy any of these units, get in touch via the CONTACT page.