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Seeing as Dub Sirens seem to suddenly be the coolest thing since sliced bread and virtually everyone on the planet appears to either want one or is building one, we thought we'd have a go at putting some together ourselves. Never let it be said that we're not on the very cutting edge of fashion! ;-)

Unlike certain sellers of circuitbent kit, who shall remain nameless, we have actually built a siren circuit from scratch using timer IC's instead of just buying one of those 6 sound car sirens for £2 from ebay and rehousing it in a new box.

Dub Siren

The machine essentially consists of a single oscillator analogue synth with LFO, all controlled by 2 switches, 1 button and 4 knobs.

The controls consist of:

RUNNING SWITCH & BUTTON: The top switch selects between a constantly running siren, and only having the siren running when you press the red trigger button. In either case, whenever the siren is running the top LED lights up. 

LFO DEPTH: This is the top left knob. Unsurprisingly it controls the depth of the siren LFO

Dub siren rear

LFO SPEED: This is the bottom left knob. The LFO can run fast enough to produce audio frequencies for some bizarre throbbing tones.

SIREN PITCH: The top right knob controls the pitch of the siren from the bass heavy bottom to ear splitting top end. With the LFO depth set to zero this knob will control the pitch of the steady oscillator tone.

ALTERATION KNOB & SWITCH: The lower switch turns the alteration knob on and off, this knob performs various functions. When the alteration knob is engaged and fully anti-clockwise the LFO depth knob then controls the LFO waveform shape, smoothly morphing from a squarewave to the normal triangle wave. As the alteration knob i turned clockwise the LFO triangle waveform slowly morphs into a kind of curved ramp shape. The alteration knob also subtley adjusts the speed and depth of the LFO depending on the settings of the other knobs. With some practise this control can produce a very wide range of siren sounds.

Dub Siren front

The machine also features an LED that flashes in time with the LFO sweep and round the back there is a 1/4 inch jack output with an output volume knob. The machine runs on an external 12V centre negative (Roland / Casio polarity) power supply which is not included, but just about any halfway decent supply will do.

Dub siren

The default colour scheme is as shown, with red LED's, button and volume knob around the back. If you have any other preferences for these colours then we might be able to make a custom unit for you depending on what parts we have in stock. If we needed to make a special order for different coloured parts then it might be a little more expensive, but get in CONTACT before buying to see what we can do.

Below is a new video demo of this siren. Video quality is a little suspect but the audio is recoreded completely dry into a PC with no editing or effects added.

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